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J'ai l'amour dans le coeur et la rage dans les os.

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4/22/11 11:27 pm - Grandma's House

Last week I was in Munich to help sort out my grandmother's belongings. I took A LOT of pictures. If you have an interest in old stuff, World War II or my emotional wounds caused by fucked up family history, this entry is for you!

My grandmother's house is an awesome place to play a game of Guess What Decade This Room Was Decorated In!

For the love of old stuffCollapse )

It's been a very confusing and emotional trip. And after going through all these things and pictures and living with their ghosts for a week I feel like I know them even less that I thought I did.

7/27/09 12:19 pm - Finding Ada - The Women Of Bletchley Park

Sunday was an amazing day. weekend and I headed to Bletchley Park for truly epic nerd out.

--- -- --.Collapse )

7/27/05 02:20 am

My journal is f-locked for no other reason than that I'm paranoid.
I love new friends, so if you think we might get along: friend me, leave a note here to let me know and I'll return the favour faster than you can say: 'antidisestablishmentarialism'.

ETA (25.08.08): Sorry about the flist cut, it's nothing personal. If you think I made a hideous mistake let me know. :D
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