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Grandma's House

Last week I was in Munich to help sort out my grandmother's belongings. I took A LOT of pictures. If you have an interest in old stuff, World War II or my emotional wounds caused by fucked up family history, this entry is for you!

My grandmother's house is an awesome place to play a game of Guess What Decade This Room Was Decorated In!

I am the cleaner...

I will clean your dusty cups from the inside out.

There is so much china in this fucking house. So much. That ugly bird is more than 15 pounds.

We managed to fill 15 boxes FULL OF CHINA. This is not even one third of the total amount of china my grandmother owned. 7 - fucking SEVEN - complete sets of coffee china for 12 people.

I'll miss the garden, not gonna lie.

We found a creepy room in the roof.

It contains not much besides a single crutch and cupboards full of china. UGH CHINA.

And a made bed. When we walked in it still had pillows and a duvet on it. Who lived here? There isn't even a window or a lightbulb in that room.

Besides secret rooms my favorite find is this:

My grandfather's foto album. He died in the 70s, so I am very excited to find out a bit about him.

There's pages of pictures of my grandad. Who collects pages of pictures of themselves? Leaning against a car, playing chess and in the upper right corner... wearing short shorts?

My grandfather on the right and his best friend Lois. I turned Lois's picture over and...

The inscription on the back reads: I love only you. Your Lois 15.8.1938

Granddad and Lois

Granddad and Lois and hats

Lois striking a pose in a meadow

He died 1944 in Finland. His life was finish-ed.

Happy adolescence leads straight to pictures of my grandfather's time in the Luftwaffe. I didn't even know they carried around cameras back then.

Is that an anti-aircraft gun? Not really up on WWII weaponry. Coast of Italy or Greece, not sure.

I believe this is my grandfather after losing some weight and gaining a tan.

Playing at being soldiers while being soldiers in a WORLD WAR... at least I know from whom I inherited the tendency for reacting to things inappropriately.

The awkward moment when you find out your granddad was kind of fit and enjoyed hanging out with naked dudes and fig leaves. He is second from the left.

Some dude leaning against a tree. I'm dying to know who that is and why it was included in the album.

One of the stranger pictures. Some sawing and ... someone scratching his head and a guy in a helmet propping up a tree?

This is Hans, he was something of a hottie. He fell and is buried "in the east." (Russia)

My grandmother once told me this was taken in Berlin, but I may be misremembering.

After all that, there's pages and pages of pictures of girls

Girl on a bike

Girl wearing a coat

Girl on a wall

Nurses. Who doesn't love a girl in uniform? My granddad was wounded in Greece and spend the end of the war in hospital.

Slightly creepy, pages with the pictures torn out. The quote says: "I love you... with these words she creates a new soul for him."

And another. "Even fulfilled hope can be a disappointment." What the hell happened?

Family pics!

My dad dressed up as a cowboy with my aunt Angelika, who turnes 59 this year. Oh, passage of time, you're fucking with my head a bit.

My great-grandmother

My great-great-grandmother aged 22

Some of my grandmother's (and grandfather's and other family member's) things made their way to my room. I've loved that statue for as long as I remember. It used to be in my grandmother's bedroom, now it's in mine.

Also picture frames, books, a carpet and the desk. That large picture frame was wrapped in newspaper from February 1959.

It's been a very confusing and emotional trip. And after going through all these things and pictures and living with their ghosts for a week I feel like I know them even less that I thought I did.
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